From the website History Matters:“Run Old Jeremiah”: Echoes of the Ring Shout
From the Street Swing site: 
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From PBS Great PerformancesFree to Dance: From slave ships to center stage to Rita Allen
From the New Georgia Encyclopedia: McIntosh County Shouters
Geechee and Gullah Culture
From Making of America The black man of the South, and the Rebels  fttp://
go to at the bottom of that page search for "black man of the south" choose the title by Charles Stearns click on p. 372

I didn't hand this one out--it's rather offensive in tone--but it's useful as it is apparently an eyewitness account: Beginning on page 372 there is a description of Shouting, apparently from the writer's eyewitness account. Note that this description describes the participants as jumping into the air, apparently at least one foot would come off the ground/floor? In one account by a WPA oral history participant (a woman who had formerly been enslaved), she too described participants jumping in the air. Also note that the writer of Black Man..., although sympathetic with the idea of bringing Christianity to the enslaved Africans and with their eventual freedom, takes a very condescending view of their culture. So, take his comments on culture with a sea of salt!